Line Array Lifter

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Work Lifter AW402 Line Array Adaptor

The AW402 Adaptor allows you to add a centre point hang to the WT150 Line Array Lifter as well as LW..


Work Lifters WT150 Line Array Lifting Tower

WT 150, the most compact lifting tower of the market for Line Array systems.WT 150 is without a doub..

£1,850.00 £1,500.00

Work Lifters WT500 Line Array Lifting Tower

The lifter from WORK for small/medium size line array systems.WORK® presents WT500, it's new lifting..

£2,350.00 £1,950.00

Work Lifters WT550 Line Array lifter

The best compromise between load capacity and convenience.This compact lifter, exclusively designed ..

£2,900.00 £2,450.00

Work Lifters WT600 Line Array Lifter

The ultimate reference to lift your heaviest line array systems.Based on the 400 series engineering,..

£3,400.00 £2,700.00

Work Lifters WT700 Line Array Lifting Tower

WORK presents WT 700, its new lifting tower designed for the heaviest Line Array systems, with up to..

£3,450.00 £2,800.00