LED Floods

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Archi Painter 24/8 Q4

The Archi Painter is an extreme bright wash light for in-and outdoor use. It is an LED based fixture..


City Painter 9000 LED

The Citypainter 9000 is an extremely bright LED based fixture, powerful enough to illuminate large a..


Helix 4000 Q4

The Helix 4000 Q4 is a powerful panel light with IP54 protection grade. It has an extreme high light..


Spectral ZP-5

The Showtec Spectral ZP5 is a professional wash fixture for in- and outdoor use, designed with quad-..


Showtec Vintage Blaze '55

The Vintage Blaze '55 is a great complement for the most creative lighting designs. With the Retro l..


Floodlight LED 100W

Specifications Type Floodlight: SymmetricSource: dual Epistar 50W LED chipLumens..


Floodlight LED 50W

Specifications Type Floodlight: SymmetricSource: Epistar 50W LED chipLumens: 350..