30W + 6xRGB• Wash & Spot-in-one• Oled Display• Ir remote included• 30W + 6x 8W Q4 LEDShowtec Sha..

Furion Series• 1:2.5 Zoomrange 12 – 30°• 3-facet rotating prism• Fixture orientated auto pan invert•..

Furion Series• 1:5 Zoomrange 6 – 30°• 16 bit prism & gobo index• CMY + CTO Colormix system• Cont..

Furion Series• 1:7 Zoomrange 6,5 – 45°• 500W LED Source• CMY + CTO Colormix system• Continuous Bi-ro..

Please contact us for more information, demo or pricing.• Delivers the performance of 1.2kW Tungsten..

lxkey|eosIntroducing lxkey|eos, a high quality keyboard designed for use with the ETC Nomad lighting..

Free Next Day Delivery!*The Magic FX electric cannon is a single use cannon, pre-filled with confett..

Soraa GU10 LED Lamp Vivid95 CRI7.5WSoraa GU10 FeaturesPoint source LED with the crisp single shadow ..

Especially designed for FQ30/PQ30/GQ30 truss circles. We have available models for 3,4,6 and 8m trus..
£98.75 £93.50

The IP-1500 is Antari's waterproof fog machine, incorporating an innovative new design that earns it..
£662.50 £540.00

The Basic Series provides a cost-effective solution in more limited applications that require full d..
£672.78 £510.00

Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback..
£395.00 £300.00

Cirrolite Cirro Fluid 5LFor use with the COSHH tested Cirrus Cracked Oil systems only:Cirrus A, AM a..
£48.75 £45.00